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Who I am

Hi I am a Web Integrator, Graphic Designer and an Artist hobbyist who has been on several art classes i my time. I started being interested in art as drawing and such all the way back in the Kindergarten. When all the other boys where out playing and stuff boys that age normally do. I would rather stay inside.

Drawing all kinds of comic book stuff like Batmans Bat-car and Superman. Its not that i don't like other peoples social company because I rather do. It's just that I enjoy working with Art even more, And what fun would art Work be if there is no other to enjoy it?


I started my education as a Web Integrater quite a few years ago. Because I got very interested in the Possibilities with web design and programing as a source of showing of my art work to a larger crowd. As I progressed in the subject my inspiration for web design grew. So a short time after I graduated as Web Integrater I started a new education as a Graphic designer. Where I got a better in debt knowledge about image configuration and design.

Earlier in my life I went to several Art schools to get more knowledge and skills in and around my Art work. One of the best schools I attended was The Animation Workshop in Viborg Denmark. I learned much of my skill in that place and alot of technique. But the other art schools taught me alot about and around my own creativity. You mite say that my stay at the other Art schools was for my over all knowledge about Art and its different forms, and my stay at The Animation Workshop. Was all about honing my skill and technique in drawing


Video Samples

Video What is Art?

The Question is always out there What is Art? This is a question very hard to answer. Because there is alot of different difinitions and types of art. No one can there for have any solid answer. And that is what we all love about it. There is no rules. But if one have to put atleast some words on it. Then that is what this short video is about.

Video Not all Art needs

A little video I made to try and point out that not all art needs to be complete pieces. Sometimes uncomplete sketches will say more and be more interesting. Because they let the viewers use their own imagination to try and make sense of all the intertwined lines that we creators call roughs.

Video Design starts as an idea

A little Video clip I made to try and show how a Design proces unfolds in the beginning of a project. So hopefully it will become an actual product later on. It was actually a small project that i made on time through my education.